Ahoy, Pie Rats?

pie-rats.jpg As some of you may know, Pie Rats are the brainchildren of Richard Scarry and his Busy, Busy World. Now, I’m not sure about this, but I think they stole pies, raiding the coastlines like so many marauders terrorizing the butcher pig, Lowly the Worm, Fix-It Fox, and the rest of his cast of anthropomorphic characters.

What intrigues me, as I begin a sea voyage of sorts myself with wordpress, is how mutable language can be. Take our Pie Rats. Their phonetically-sounded name is their function. So, they are pirates with the specific task of taking by force the delicious desserts of coastal denizens. Which brings me to Puddlehead, which is what I am. And a me is a puddlehead.

With that, I bid you welcome to the Puddlehead Speaks blog. We’ll have some fun, share recipes (I’m a crackshot with a toaster oven), and explore the inner, outer, and inbetweener of all things my fancy catches in its wide, wide net (usually sports, literature, or the ridiculousness I bring upon myself).

Stay tuned, curious reader, and take another step with me toward the edge of this graham cracker plank. And, for pie and graham cracker lovers alike, nothing goes better with either one than an oversized mug of milk. Which is what, I nearly promise, my next post will be about: the relative merits and unsung glories of skim milk.    


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