Ding, Ding, Ding! Gooden Vs. Wallace

A personal and technical against Gooden for his slashy hug of our favorite spaz-maniac, Sheed. I was impressed, though, that right after the infraction, Rasheed didn’t start doing that pee-pee rage dance he does so well.

Interestingly, Rasheed Wallace’s voice is the only one that ever gets picked up by the mics. Have you noticed that, too? He must have quite the lungs or something.

But back to Gooden’s slashy hug. I am troubled by the fact that in basketball there’s a tendency to villify the players for chippy play. Yet, White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski can seemingly make a run at the Twin’s first baseman’s ankle, and we say, That’s baseball. Similarly, in baseball, beaming is part of the game. It’s an accepted and time-honored implicit pact between teams–run the bases too slow after a homer? You’ll take one in the back next trip up to the plate. Yet, in basketball, which is a very physical sport, we give the players no credit for the many, many times hard fouls don’t turn into melees. I’m not condoning violence by any means, but I am usually very impressed with the restraint and maturity of the majority of the NBA the majority of the time. It can’t be easy to continuously bump bodies with other teams night after night and not lose it. I would think, because of the physical proximity and contact we see throughout a forty-eight minute game, there’d be a lot more fighting and chippy play.

Anyway, good for Sheed for taking the foul, walking it off, and not going nuclear in a clutch game. Dang! Cleveland up by 8, four minutes to go. I’m getting depressed.


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