My Favorite Martian

As twelve of you may know, there’s an NBA game tonight. With the Eastern Conference in the balance, your beloved Detroit Pistons look to go up one on the Cleveland’s LeBron James and four other guys who can play a bit too. As a fan of all things extraterrestrial, I will keep my eyes peeled for a Teyshaun sighting. Here, he’s signaling for the mothership to rain down haterays from above on Chicago’s Captain Kirk:


While everyone’s looking for Hamilton or Billups to get a bit more back to themselves and scoring some, I call a huge night for Prince. Let’s face it: he’s due more so than the rest of the Pistons, especially after his monster games vs. Chicago. Look for him to go, say, 25 pts, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks, and he’ll keep LeAwesome James under 20 points. I will be back at half-time to gloat or eat my humble pie, depending on things look then. 

Stay temperate and climate-controlled, all.




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