Well, There’s Still the Second Half

humblepieyo.jpgMy favorite E.T, Teyshaun Prince, has thus far failed me mightily. At half, he’s got no points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and a steal. My most excellent prediction? Not so excellent after all. I’m with Ira Newble to drop 20 in the second half for the Cavs. What the hell.

Other observations from a mildly exciting first half: Varejao finally got a chance to fall down for real instead of that bail-out fish-out-of-water flop-job he does so well. McDyess clotheslined him proper, which led to a flagrant 2 on McDyess and a technical on LeAwesome for some toughguy posturing after the fact.

Jason Maxiell, your favorite Cincinatti Bear Cat, has a free throw motion which sends the ball so high, it loops a rafter before draining the bottom of the net. If the clock ran during free throws, he’d bleed a game’s final minute with two or three free throws.

I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure there’s been no Rasheed-tantrums yet, either. That’s a good thing. I love that guy for his freakish bald spot, he pee dance of rage, and the fact that, as we saw after game four, he can bankshot his jersey almost as good as he can bank his threes (on purpose, right?).

So, Detroit’s up by one, and I say, based on nothing but my own faulty intuition, Detroit takes the game.

Whoot! Teyshaun has one point from the line and caused Hughs’ fourth foul. Intangibles, baby, intangibles. He’s rolling now. He picked up some slop, nailed a three, and is now six points on his way to the preordained 25.


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