The Rocket’s Tired Groin

As if things for the Yankees weren’t nightmarish enough, Joe Buck’s been repeating the Clemens’ Fatigued Groin angle since first it broke about twenty minutes ago. Supposedly, his groin got sleepy after his start in Wilkesbarre-Scranton. He could shelf himself for the four games staring Monday against the Pale Sox. Yikes for the Yankees. Hooyah for Red Sox fifth man, Julian Taveras, who, wisely because it would’ve been his position the Rocket would’ve taken, said they (the Sox) didn’t need Clemens. Here’s the article outlining Clemens’ weary right groin from Yahoo! Sports. I love that he’s going to lose $153, 006 a day. Shoot, that extra six bills is enough for a pack of Camel nonfilters.

 My guess as to the injury’s genesis? Letting Aerosmith leadman play with his balls:   


As the land lies now, should the 10-6 Sox lead in the top of the ninth, the Sox’ll have 13.5 on the Yanks. Does this mean that ESPN might possibly give the AL Central some coverage now? Probably not. My guess is that New York’s meltdown will be the big story of the season. That, or Lou Piniella’s efficient dirt-kicking skills, or Michael Barrett scoreboarding his own pitcher. His own pitcher! I don’t know for sure, but I hope that that’s what Barrett was pointing to. “Yea, Carlos? Scoreboard, dude, scoreboard.” *Punch! Kick! Gnash teeth! Blacken eyes!*


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