Walking the Dog


I’m off to walk the dog, all. But again the heavens grow dark, and I want to get a good long jaunt in before the rain. But, to fulfill a promise from a few days ago, I intend on posting a poem from Jack Gilbert’s The Great Fires. He’s a fine poet who offers a rather unique take on suffering, life, and the grace inherent in acceptance of the world as it is. A while ago, he published “A Brief for the Defense,” the opening poem in his 2005 book, Refusing Heaven, in The New Yorker. And the poem we’ll look at is in many ways a precusor to that piece.  If you’ve the time to spare, click here for a quick biography. And here is a link to another great poem from Refusing Heaven.

Ok, the Dawg E and me are off for a tour of new neighborhood smells. As a good friend once said, “She’s reading the paper, catching up on the news of things passing.” But I gather lines and phrases on these walks and enjoy the wanderings through the streets.

Stay (car)tooned, and I’ll get the poem up shortly.



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