Puddlehead Learns a New Trick

As I’ve mentioned in comments sections on a few other blogs, I’m newish to this whole blog thing. For that matter, I’m newish to just how much a laptop can do. Until recently, if it wasn’t email, a few poetry websites, itunes, or MS Office, I didn’t care. Or, more honestly, I was afraid of it. Technophobes are nothing new, and the Luddites come to mind. But, for my part, I’m flexible. I’m willing to admit my ineptitude and seek ways to fill in the missing information. Which is what I did today. I filled in a blank!

Backstory: I was listening to Regina Spektor’s album Begin to Hope this morning, and it dawned on me that I want to stream music on this blog. Sure, there’s the whole sonific.com thing, but the options are limited. That I can “widget” a song is fine and dandy but I want to share my favorite music. Not something close to a song I love because it’s the nearest thing on sonific. So I did my homework.

It turns out that you can’t stream music without purchasing upgrades on wordpress. However, I did find a nifty little website that allows me to upload music for free that anyone can access and download for themselves (also for free). It’s a great way to share what we love, and I want to turn you on to a song that wrecks me every time it plays. 

As I mentioned, it’s off Regina Spektor’s album Begin to Hope. She’s a beautiful vocalist who’s voice carries over the top of the simple piano rifts in “Samson.” It’s a plaintive ode of sorts, and the line, “You are my sweetest downfall / I loved you first” rises into a heart-shattering breathy trill. Spektor sing-talks through parts only to break into brief moments of vocal undulations and a heavier piano that currents beneath her lyrics.    

When you click here, you’ll come to the site where you can download the song. The link is on the left hand side. It’s completely scanned for viruses and can be put right into your music file. I’m a sucker for strong voices and piano…Hope you are too. Come on back and let me know what you thought. And, as usual, more to come soon.



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