Shoreline Sure Am

We’re reaching record temps for the area this week, and as I griped in a previous post, my upper apartment is sweltering. Though I found this morning some mangled and ill-shaped screens on my steps that I can only assume are meant for my windows, it’s too little too late, and I’ll have to wait until this evening to cool the joint down. 

But here’s a great link to a poetry website that, in addition to showing the text, has a limited selection of classic work being read by a pretty well-honed reader. I’ve listened to the whole catalog, and it’s worth it. There are no downloads or anything like that. It’s supersimple point-and-click. Also, there’s an email address to drop suggestions their way. Enjoy the site, and tell ’em Puddle sent you. Just kidding. I always wanted to say that, you know, like my name opening great and secret doors. Or a speakeasy and illegal gambling den filled with men in tailored clothes and flappers dancing on plywood floors.

Keep on, all. And tune in soon for a Yusef Komunyakaa poem with a brief gloss.




3 Responses to Shoreline Sure Am

  1. writerchick says:

    Well Puddle,
    looks like you are installing the screens yourself. Does that make me psychic? LOL.
    It’s heating up out my way too – but I love the sun and I have lots of fans and a portable swampcooler – which by the way, works pretty well. If you want the link to the place I bought it from, email me. It was under $100 and worked like a charm last summer. And you even keep the windows shut when you’re using it, so you could avoid the whole installation issue, at least until you’re ready.
    Hey, WC. Yes, I guess it does make you psychic! I tell you what, it was a real treat getting those ill-shaped things in, too. What a goofy project. But, I will certainly zip an email your way for that swampcooler address. I appreciate the tip, too. I did the Aussie AC last night as well–beautiful. Thanks, and I’ll catch you over on WC Talks soon.

  2. readerly says:

    ooOOOOoo. Fun blog. You write well 🙂 It entertains AND informs! Well done.
    Thanks for the comment. I’m trying to be thoughtful in similarly exhausting heat. Ain’t easy.

    Thanks for swinging through with the compliment! Check this out, though, for the heat: WC, another blogger over at, told me to get a t-shirt wet and stand in front of a fan. It’s awesome. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Moophius. And I’ll keep an eye for your new posts.

  3. balkan says:

    Thank for a visit and comment. Sorry I can not unswer your question, the essay is not mine, it was written by B.S. Hammond, as I dutifully put it in my post.
    Thanks for the link above.
    You have interesting blog!

    Whoops! I must have misread. My bad, I thought you were Hammond. My mistake.

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