Mushy Mission Statement

This blog will take the low and narrow road through discursive tales, life advice (guaranteed to blow up in your face), sports chatter, pop analysis, and whatever else catches my fancy.  


4 Responses to Mushy Mission Statement

  1. writerchick says:

    Hey Puddlehead,
    I was tagged to do a food meme today and my version goes up on Sunday. I tagged you. Just wanted to give you a heads up, in case you wanna play.
    Sorry for contacting you this way but I don’t have your email.
    Annie (aka WC)

    Hi, Annie. I’ll play. Here’s the only problem: How do I play? I don’t know what a meme is, what a tag is, or anything like that. Shamefully, I’m like five years late on all this stuff, and find myself a little bedazzled by all this stuff. If you have a few minutes, can you tell me how to do a food meme? I’ll do it for Sunday as well. And I don’t know how to do email feature, either…so I suppose I’ll put it in an “about me” sidebar widget thingie. So, don’t sweat contacting me here until I can figure out that other stuff.
    Bye! Puddle

  2. annie07 says:

    Hi Puddlehead,
    First, thanks for your wonderfully insightful comments on my new blog about am radio host at portlandprincess. I just started and have little traffic, but if I can get your attention I’m happy with the prospects. I too am a newbie at tags and stuff (thus no traffic) but I just thought you might appreciate where the term meme originates and that is with Sir Richard Dawkins, writer and esteemed evolutionary biologist. A social meme is any idea that proliferates and spreads throughout culture and society much like a virus spreads (just think of the memes Rush sends out every day!) Google SRD and let your mind expand! Look forward to more of your comments and I shall return the favor!

    Hi, Annie07,
    Yes, my pleasure. I’m an a.m. radio freak, though I don’t get great reception where I’m at most times. Late at night I get some fun stuff from the Plain states, and during storms I get news from the East Coast. Go figure! Thanks for the heads up too on memes. I got filled in from WC, too, but didn’t know that it was from Richard Dawkins. Didn’t he write The Blind Watchmaker? I will certainly swing through portlandprincess regularly. It’s always good to see what Old Rush is up to. Thanks for swinging by here. I appreciate it.

  3. jakjonsun says:

    I just wrote you a really long comment about Dostoyevsky and my computer screwed up and it deleted. I’ll be sure to write you my thoughts about Notes from the Underground later, but write now I have to go throw my computer out the window.

  4. jakjonsun says:

    right now, not write now

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